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Performance Consulting

Winning Projects – beyond processes and tools

Winning Projects is about enabling Effective Project Management and embedding the right practices and culture to support and sustain it.

Projects are an essential way of functioning in today’s business world. Regularly, big financial investments as well as time and efforts are involved.

When not dealt with in a proper and effective way, projects cause financial and motivational drains and many times result in more negative than positive outcomes.

In order to increase project effectiveness, initiatives are all too often limited to the refinement of processes, the deployment of new tools and the development of the “technical” competencies of Project Managers or Project Team Members. The reality shows, however, that there is far more to do in order to enhance Project Performance.

Although we tailor our services to your needs and objectives, they most often include one or more of the following:

Assessing your Project Environment
Winning Projects starts by scanning the whole project environment. The result of this diagnosis leads to a plan for dealing with all inhibitors to effective project performance.

Integrating a “project friendly” culture
Based upon the findings of the Project Environment Assessment,
we coach the implementation of an organisational development plan for the pursuit of project effectiveness that involves all major stakeholders like upper- and line management.

Competency Development
We offer a wide variety of
seminars, 360° feedback instruments, coaching and other developmental methodologies in order to create accelerated learning experiences.

Sceanario Based Multi Media Simulations
A unique approach to learning is the use of
Scenario Based Multi Media Simulations during which participants experience simulated scenarios, inspired on real life projects, in which they have to intervene. This approach offers more learning in a shorter period of time, as well as a longer mental retention.

Our services address not only the Project Managers, but also all Key Project Stakeholders.

If you intend to level up the performance of your organisation related to Project Effectiveness, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a free initial advice.