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Reality shows that a two-day leadership seminar does not turn your managers into charismatic and motivational leaders the next day, nor does a three-day sales training turn your sales people into super sales representatives. Just organizing a learning event is not enough, if you want to see productive behavioural changes and achieve results!

Training requests always address an existing problem or challenge. However, the effectiveness of stand-alone training is relatively low. Why?

Some key obstacles that prevent training programs to produce the expected results;
1. Poor performance analysis and jump to conclusions as to what behavioural change is needed.
2. Too many stand-alone training programs without coherence or an implementation plan and      support to make the behavioural change happen over time.
3. The lack of analysis about the factors that impact behaviours.
4. Not enough involvement and responsibility of line management.
5. No measurement of behavioural change over time.
6. The absence of any reward or recognition for behavioural changes.

Our expertise and consulting efforts make sure that you achieve both your training and developmental objectives as well as return on investment. This is essential when specific attitude and behavioural changes are critical, such as changes of strategic importance.

Are you confronted with a need for critical behavioural changes? Do you want more than just another training program? Do not hesitate to contact us for a free initial advice.