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Methodologies & tools
Group Process Facilitation is a tailor made interactive process with specific chronological steps defined to achieve certain objectives. These objectives are often important decisions, clear commitments and an action plan.

The Process includes specific methodologies, as well as technology in order to allow the participants to think more systemically, be precise and clear. It enhances the quality of the outcome; it speeds up the process and makes it more efficient.

Group Process Facilitation can be used in a wide variety of situations, but it is extremely useful in Problem Solving, Group Decision Making, Change Management, Strategy, Priority Mapping, Teambuilding and streamlining collaboration between multidisciplinary groups, Building Awareness, Thought clarification and Alignment, Innovation, Gaining adherence to a new strategy, Idea buy-in, etc.

The process is lead by an experienced consultant-facilitator.
The facilitator:
  • provides an appropriate process
  • ensures clarity of task
  • makes effective use of process facilitation skills
  • stimulates the thought processes
  • encourages full participation
  • manages groups dynamics
  • keeps the groups outcome-focused
  • manages time

  • Unlike in seminars, the content does not come from the facilitator, but from the participants, as they work through their own situation and cases. The consultant structures the work process and guides the participants through the various exercises and discussions, while remaining "neutral". He makes decisions related to the process and the methodologies, not to the content.

    If you are interested in knowing if Group Process Facilitation would suit a specific situation you are confronted with, do not hesitate to contact us for a free initial advice.