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Jon Gornstein

Jon Gornstein Jon Gornstein, Founder and President of Persona Global, is an industry pioneer in the practice of change leadership, organisational alignment, and interpersonal communication. During his 25-year career, Mr. Gornstein has worked in more than 40 countries, providing consulting services to major multi-national corporations facing competitive pressures necessitating strategic change.

Since founding Persona, Mr. Gornstein has partnered with the world's leading consultants in corporate performance and leadership to develop a full range of training methodologies and metrics in organisational alignment, change leadership, and performance management. Persona Global's training and consulting intervention programs are now available in up to 26 languages across 34 countries.

In the late 1990s, he joined Deloitte Consulting, where he served as lead partner for Educational Services for Deloitte's Western Region for some time. At Deloitte, he led a number of global initiatives, including those in customer relationship management (CRM), with a focus on industry leaders such as Siebel and BroadVision.

Mr. Gornstein has consulted on performance and communication improvement to companies such as IBM, Glaxo, Cathay Pacific Airways, Goldstar, and Hilton Hotels. His engagements have included initiatives in customer relationship management, multi-year strategic interventions to implement corporate cultural change, executive coaching, team building, and managerial performance survey.

Mr. Gornstein is a frequent keynote speaker at major corporate and industry events.

Mr. Gornstein is a Cand. Phil at Aarhus University, Denmark. Awarded a John Marshall fellowship from the Scandinavian American Foundation, he conducted his doctoral research in history, and later continued his studies with a research grant from the Danish Humanistic Research Council. He holds a B.A. and an M.A. from the University of Alabama, where he studied American and European history, psychology, and economics. Mr. Gornstein is a member of the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD).
Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith Over the last few years, Shaun has been a key catalyst in expanding management focus from the tactical issues of customer service to the much wider and strategic issue of customer experience. He has developed some of the latest thinking and practice around this subject, focusing in particular on how organisations can achieve brand differentiation and long-term customer loyalty through the customer experience.

He has featured a number of times on the 'Ask the Expert' programme on CNBC and is co-author of two best-selling business books. Uncommon Practice, researched and written in partnership with Interbrand, examines those companies that create exceptional customer experiences. His second book Managing the Customer Experience, reveals how leaders can build this kind of competitive advantage for their own organisations. Shaun is also a contributing author to The Economist's recent book, Brands and Branding.

He is a highly regarded speaker and presents regularly on many of the key issues challenging businesses in the 21st Century. These include topics such as brand leadership and differentiation; 'triad power': how marketing, customer service and HR can work together to create customer-focused change; and motivating and training employees to deliver the brand. Shaun is also author of the Organisational Alignment Survey (OASŪ) and the Customer Experience Management+ survey (CEM+T) - key research tools that enable organisations worldwide to evaluate and improve their customer experience and also align their people with company values and strategy.

Shaun now runs his own customer experience consultancy, shaunsmith+co, which is firmly routed in the 'keep it simple' ethos. He doesn't talk paradigms, complex methodologies or seven magic bullets; instead his approach is refreshingly straightforward, always pragmatic and, at times, controversial.
Martin Wikoff , Ph.D

Martin Wikoff , Ph.D Dr. Martin Wikoff is a research psychologist, educator and recognized authority on organisational development, productivity improvement, and behavioural technology. His scientifically verified productivity and quality improvement technologies have been deployed extensively around the world for nearly 30 years.

Dr. Wikoff is in demand across the globe, delivering consulting services to numerous multinational corporations and government agencies, including engagements in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, England, France, and the United States. Dr. Wikoff is a frequent presenter to high-level management and executive groups, and has numerous publications on applied behaviour management principles and their relationship to productivity enhancement to his name.

Corporate clients include: Merck, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Whirlpool, Glaxo, Amling's, First Interstate Bank, KI, Landmark Bank, and First Chicago/Bank One.

He is the author of numerous articles, winner of ISPI's Outstanding Article of the Year Award, member of the editorial board for the Journal of Organisational Behaviour Management, and serves as the Chair of the Quality Committee for Aurora Healthcare, the largest employer and provider of healthcare in the state of Wisconsin.

During his career Dr. Wikoff also has enjoyed providing classes in management and psychology at several U.S. universities, including University of Wisconsin, DePaul University in Chicago, and St. Norbert College.

His most recent focus has been the continuing development of sales force improvement technologies.

Dr. Wikoff holds a Ph.D. and M.A. from the University of Notre Dame with a concentration in experimental psychology, learning processes, and industrial psychology. He was awarded a B.S. in psychology from the University of Washington.
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