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Methodologies & tools
Scenario Based Multi Media Simulations are used as the heart of a dynamic group-learning event to enhance behavioural skills, as well as cognitive thinking, sound decision making and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Just like air flight simulators for pilots, this highly effective learning methodology literally puts the participants in the driving seat of a specific mission to be accomplished. It enables seminar participants to receive hands-on experience by managing a large variety of situations deriving from real life situations.

The simulation takes the form of an interactive business case, in which participants exchange thoughts and experiences and discuss matters in order to reach a conclusion about the proper action to take, given the circumstance they are confronted with and the objectives they have to reach. In the process of doing so, they are often faced with challenging but realistic situations where the needs of their project, company, boss, client, staff or peers are differing and even conflicting!

During an interactive group activity at the completion of each simulation round, participants receive an extensive feedback from an experienced senior consultant on their management of the process and how well they have used their competencies on each given situation.

Simulations have the benefit of allowing participants to learn more in a given period of time, and assuring a longer retention.

We use simulations in combination with traditional seminars, 360 feedback and other learning methodologies. They can become a unique blended learning process for the purpose of accelerated learning and change!

We can offer you a wide variety of subjects that deal with leadership issues, project management, strategy, change management, business acumen, marketing, service, sales, account management, etc.

If you are interested in knowing how Scenario Based Simulations work and how they can fit in your learning and change projects, do not hesitate to contact us and ask for a free initial advice.